Community Outreach Program

We are excited to launch our new Community Outreach Program. Please review the list of FAQ's and their answers below. At the very bottom of the page you will find downloadable PDF forms that you can use to request a program. You will also find a PDF of the FAQ's. Please feel free to print those as needed. We look forward to your requests! Let's get those kids out onto the water!

Who is it for?

COP is designed to make the kayaking experience and associated benefits available to youth serving agencies and groups located in Manitoba’s parkland region. 

How old do the participants need to be?

Our target age is 12 and up. Age is determined by size of equipment being used and  physical ability to manage the gear. In some cases, special programs can be designed to serve a younger age group. We suggest that youth participate in similar age groupings so that programs can best be designed to meet their challenge level / interest, physical ability, and age specific behaviors and learning characteristics.  

How physically fit do the participants need to be?

Participants will be expected to be active in and out of the water, able to manage their own gear, and generally keep up with the group for the length of the program. They need the ability to sit and hold a kayak paddle, to use their legs, core and upper body to propel the boat across the water. As part of the program design, we adapt the challenge level and length of program to best match the physical constraints of the particular group as well as the outcome goals of the organizers. 

Do participants need to be able to swim?

Paddlers will wear PFD (lifejackets) at all times in or on the water. Swimming ability is great but at minimum we suggest a basic comfort in the water and the ability to put the head under water calmly. 

What kinds of programs do you offer?

During the fall, winter, and spring months, we offer pool based, introduction to kayaking programs for schools during the day time hours. These typically run over the course of 1.5 - 2 hrs depending on the program goals, size, pool availability, and instructor availability. 

During the summer months, we offer single day and multi-day programs, customized to match the objectives of the group. For new paddlers, we offer introduction to kayaking, on flat water. For multi-day programs or return groups, we offer further specialization in lake kayaking, river kayaking, rescue skills, touring skills, leadership, and certifications. Programs will be customized based on the interest and experience of the group. 

A typical “1 day” program might run from 9am-5pm with a morning and afternoon break and a lunch break. Times are adaptable. 

How many participants can we bring?

We base our instructor-to-participant ratio on the national standard set by Paddle Canada, which is 1-6. Indoor pool sessions can accommodate up to 12 participants with creative program design (rotations, partner work) and lifeguard support. 

Our outdoor programs must stick to the ratio of 1-6, on the water. In some cases, by using program rotations and additional instructors, we can increase that number. 

What does it cost?

We do not charge per participant. We charge a flat fee per program. 

A typical pool program will cost in the range of $250-$300 (example based on a 1.5 hr program with 10 kids). Cost will vary based on length of program. 

On outdoor program costs $600.00 per day. This allows you to bring up to 6 participants.

What does ppc provide?

We provide the following:

  • One nationally certified and experienced kayaking instructor per 6 participants. 
  • Each participant is assigned a complete set of professional grade kayaking equipment.   That includes:
  • A technical kayak complete with appropriate outfitting,
  • A well fitted PFD (lifejacket), 
  • A paddle, 
  • Coast guard regulated safety equipment appropriate for the style of paddling in the program, 
  • A helmet (in the case of river kayaking programs), 
  • A spray skirt (for over the kayak cockpit), and 
  • All group safety equipment (including rescue gear, throw bags, wilderness first aid kits, instructors safety kit, etc.)
  • We provide equipment transportation to and from the program site but will charge $0.55/km for instructor vehicle. 
  • Pool fees and lifeguard fees are included in indoor programs costs. 
  • Pool rental coordination and outdoor site bookings. Some outdoor sites will require additional permits and access fees.
  • Customized program design
  • Paddle Canada Skill Certifications and course administration (available for qualifying programs upon request.  There is a $20 certification fee.

Where do the programs take place?

Indoor programs take place in the Dauphin Pool. Outdoor programs take place on local lakes and rivers in the parkland region. The location will be dependent on the type of program, experience level of group, water levels, site conditions, weather, access, proximity to organization requesting program and other factors that may arise. 

Some examples of program sites include: Lake Dauphin, Moon Lake, Clear Lake, Lake Manitoba (The Narrows), Whirlpool Lake, Dauphin Reservoir, Vermillion River, Ocher River,  & Valley River. We are open to exploring new program sites as appropriate.

Who are your instructors?

They are fun, passionate paddlers who love to share their excitement for the sport of kayaking with others. They have proven leadership abilities and experience running programs of this nature and have been hand picked from the best in the industry in Central Canada. Our instructors are Paddle Canada and Canoe Kayak Canada nationally certified instructors, trained and experienced in their particular discipline. . Our instructors are certified in appropriate first aid and water rescue levels. 

Does the Parkland Paddling Club have insurance for COP?

Yes we do. Our program focus is SAFETY first, followed by fun and learning. We follow national safety and instructional standards. We hold 2 million dollar general liability insurance. Insurance certificates can be provided upon request. 

How do we sign up?

First, download and fill out the COP Request Form that can be found on the website. E-mail your completed form to That will give us an idea of what you are looking for and who your group is. Then we will contact you for a follow up discussion. Once we determine fit and availability, we will send you the COP Registration form to collect further information. The final step to confirm a program booking, is making full payment. Each participant will need a waiver completed prior to participating. 

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