Summer Program

WHAT IF?  ... are you ready?

Rescue Skills Development Clinic 

For Recreational and Touring Kayakers

  • Are you ready for a capsize?
  • Can you get back into your boat by yourself from deep water?
  • Can you efficiently rescue your paddling partner?
  • Do you know how to tow someone safely?
  • Do you know the limitations and efficiencies of your specific equipment? Join us for a fun morning of rescue challenges - demonstrations and drills with Mick Lautt. 

Date:                         Sunday - DATE TBA  -   9:00pm – 12:00noon

Registration in person at lake, at 8:30am. We will have waiver forms to sign and will accept payment via cash or cheque. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE

Prerequisites:         PPC Club Membership; Experience paddling your own kayak. 

Location:                   Moon Lake, RMNP. Invasive Species Inspection Certificate mandatory. 

Cost:                            $45.00, includes annual membership.  ($35 for current members). 

New and experienced kayak owners welcome. For a first introduction to rescues or to tune up old tricks, join the club for a fun morning on the water and be best prepared to answer the question... "WHAT IF...?"

Participants must bring their own kayak, PFD, & paddle (bring a skirt, pump, and paddle float if you have them). The club will have extra pumps & floats on site for use.


Date:         DATES TBA              8:00am - 5:30pm           

(watch for additional dates and send us a note expressing your interest) 

Location:     Moon Lake, RMNP

  • Vehicles will need national park passes
  • We will meet in Dauphin at the Yak Shack at 8:00am to load gear. 
  • Carpooling is encouraged and will be facilitated
  • Max 6 participants

Cost:     $149.00             Complete Kayak rental package is included in fee 

This 8 hour course, designed for beginners who want a comprehensive introduction to the sport of kayaking, includes a Paddle Canada National Certification (upon demonstration of skills and knowledge). 


Date:                          Friday – Sunday.        Dates TBA     Full days

Prerequisites: PPC Club Membership, Intro to Kayaking (or equivalent skills). Should have fitness level and mobility as appropriate for course duration and demands.                                                                                                                            

Location: Rivers in Eastern Manitoba. We will organize ride sharing and the group will be overnight car-camping.                                                                         -                              

Cost:  $ 350.00 (min 5 / max 6 participants). Fee includes:

  • Personal kayaking equipment package
  • Group safety gear
  • Gear transport to the river
  • National Skills Certification through Paddle Canada
  • Insurance, Instructor Fee, Club Admin and Gear Rental Fees. 


This comprehensive course will offer something for everyone. Our focus is on safety and comfort, learning and fun. And you will get lots of time on the water!

  • Day 1: Learn the basics of moving water kayaking on a gentle set of beginner rapids.
  • Day 2: Enjoy a guided adventure down the river with a good mix of relaxing current and good “learning” rapids (lots of choice and options).
  • Day 3: Experience beginner play-boating at MB’s most popular paddling hot spot.

We hit up the best teaching rivers of Eastern Manitoba, starting on small beginner rivers and progressing to the popular Sturgeon Falls on Nutimik Lake in the Whiteshell. We will camp at the beautiful Cooks Falls campground on the Whitemouth River. There is Car and RV access to this kayaker friendly spot: soft grass for tents, big trees for shade, showers, flush toilets, fire pits and tables. Lot's of space to spread out with the sound of the rapids to lull you to sleep. Super fun!

This course will include safety and rope work, “swimming” in rapids, basic hydrology and river running communication, s-turns, eddy turns, ferries, river running basics, and some rolling work. All the skills you need to kayak safely and comfortably in moving water.

Leaving Dauphin at 7:00am on Friday morning, we drive to the campsite (about 5 hrs) for a half day of paddling.  The river tip is on Sat and we come back to the campsite that evening. Then up early on Sunday for a full day at Sturgeon falls. Our goal is to be off the water by 5 on Sunday - allowing us to get home by Sunday around 11pm. 

Kayak Explorers – Guided River Adventure for Youth

Dates:                         Dates TBA                                   

Prerequisites:         PPC Club Membership. Must have successfully completed Kayak Explorers Program (permission to participant will be granted by the course director     based on maturity and ability)

Location:                    TBA

Cost:                            Club subsidized : $95 / youth (includes river kayak package and all safety gear).

This exciting guided day course will focus on safety, learning, and fun and will provide a comprehensive introduction to beginner river paddling. More information to follow. Please contact the club to express your interest and reserve a spot. Space is limited.

Club Leader Training

The PPC Club Leader's role is to provide leadership and support during club sanctioned events and trips. The Club Leader position is a volunteer role. All Club Leaders must attend Club Leader Training or an equivalent training by permission of the PPC board. A Club Leader must be present at any event that uses club equipment. 

Date:             Offered to match demand          5:00pm - 10:00pm

Cost:            $25 per student (club subsidized)                      

Location:     Dauphin and Moon Lake. Will include classroom session and on      -                      water training.

Topics will include: Group management and leadership; Trip Safety; Gear Management; Admin and Policies; Rescues and Towing. 

Must have taken Intro to Kayaking skills program and completed all skill checks. Please apply via e-mail if interested.

Summer Club

If you have taken the Intro to Kayaking course with us or have equivalent training / experience, we invite you to join the summer club. For active club members, summer club registration is $50 for adults and $25 for youth (under 18). This allows you to access all club equipment during club sanctioned events and trips at no additional fee.

Summer Club sanctioned trips and events are scheduled based on member interest and initiative, and club leader availability and will be coordinated via the club Facebook page. Please like us on Facebook at Parkland Paddling Club to stay in the loop.

Please visit the registration page to sign up. See downloadable PDF's below for more information on Leader Roles, Participant Responsibilities, and Program Policies. 

Role of PPC Club Leader_0.pdf Role of PPC Club Leader_0.pdf
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Summer Club Policy and Procedures_0.pdf Summer Club Policy and Procedures_0.pdf
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